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🔥 1. & 3. wed. of the month - Yoga Drills: Strengthening exercises for learning / mastering advanced yoga poses (Beginners welcome!).

🌸 2. & 4. wed. of the month - Chakra Flow: A practice focused on balancing and activating the body's energy centers through specific poses and breathwork.


Radiant Reviews From Happy Participants

Participants' glowing insights show their immense happiness and fulfillment derived from our small group experiences.

Challenging Class With A Professional Teacher!

I've tried the Yoga Drills Class. Although I've done yoga for years, this type of class was new to me and really challenging.
Jesse is a professional teacher and uses an innovative practice of training
through drills. His positive vibes are really valuable too. I recommend his yoga class!

— Marine
🪷 Advanced

Empowering, Serene, Connected

I am loving these classes! With such a nurturing guidance, Jesse created a deep sense of serenity and empowerment, encouraging each of us to explore our unique journey on the mat. I felt deeply connected to my body and inspired to continue my yoga practice.

— Maria
🌳 Intermediate

Best Balance

I have tried several yoga classes but Jesse's approach is by far the best for me. The perfect balance of workout, meditation and breathing exercises. After each session I feel extremely relaxed and full of energy.

— Jakob
🪴 Beginner

Warming Atmosphere

The atmosphere was family like despite the fact that it was my first yoga class. I was more immobile than I thought and didn't do everything right the first time, but Jesse helped me a lot with his clear instructions.
After the class I felt much more relaxed, always happy to come back.

— Can
🌱 First-Timer

Impressive, Professional, Satisfying

Jesse's yoga class really impressed me. His professional approach and empathetic nature have allowed me to progress in my yoga training while finding inner peace. I am very satisfied and can only recommend the classes!

— Julian
🪴 Beginner


Jesse's yoga class was fantastic - well-guided with a wonderfully soothing and calming ending after a good session!

— Danbi
🪴 Beginner

Calm & Focused Energy

The classes with Jesse are highly recommended. I especially appreciate his calm and positive way of communication that creates an atmosphere of energy and focus which lasts well beyond the actual sessions.

— Stephan
🪴 Beginner

Goodbye Office-Stress

Already after the first session with Jesse I noticed a significant relaxation in my neck muscles which often suffer from the stress of everyday office life.

— Nury
🌱 First-Timer

Super nice class!

— ClassPass User
🌱 First-Timer

Light bulbCurrently no classes. Drop me a line on the contact page and you will be the first to know when classes are back 🙏🏾😊

Small Groups,
Big Connections:
Unleash Your Yoga Journey.

Experience the beauty of small group yoga classes, fostering a sense of community, growth, and personal transformation.

Cultivate Present Moment Awareness

Immerse yourself in the practice of yoga within small groups, allowing you to deepen your mindfulness skills, find inner calm, and embrace the present moment with greater clarity and peace.

Connect and Thrive Together

Join our yoga community, foster connections, and embark on a transformative journey. Reflect over tea after class, nurturing personal growth and a sense of belonging.

Growth Guidance

Deepen your practice with personalized attention and modifications in a small group setting, empowering your yoga journey. Receive valuable insights into yogic philosophy and class sequences after each session to further enhance your exploration and growth.